Tickets: ‘Do It With Love’ Album Launch 21st Nov

Warren and Heather will be playing the new album ‘Do It With Love’ live on-line this coming Sat 21st Nov at 8.00pm-9.00pm from the amazing Maybank Studios. Info here:…/starry-skies-live…
Only one ticket needed per household and only £7.00 a ticket.
It’s going to be a professional event with multi-cameras, light show, costumes changes and PRIZES. We’ll play the new album, some older ones like ‘Be Kind’ and then finish off with a few new Starries songs that no one has heard yet. Please share this post or tag friends who might be interested.
For maximum sound/film quality it will be broadcast thro’ a private YouTube Live Stream so you can watch it on your big telly, laptop, tablet etc. It’s going to be a fun night of music and chat so get in the drinks and snacks and let’s have a launch party.
Once a ticket is purchased and e-mail provided then a private link will be sent to allow entry into the show. Tickets can be bought here:…/starry-skies-live…
P.S. The show is taking place following the most up to date coronavirus health and safety guidance for filming and recording.