Records & Tickets

Starry Skies at the CCA – 4th December
Jim Byrne – EP: 4 Country & Folk Songs – Out 15th October
Robin Miller – Debut Album – Beelines – Out Now
Starry Skies – 31st July – Room 2 (Nelson Mandela Place)
Starry Skies – Do It With Love – Single Remix
PADSR – ‘I Wait Patiently’ – Single Release – 21st May 2021
Robin Miller – ‘Catriona’s Butterfly Wish’ – 7th May
Jim McAteer – New Double A Single Fri – 9th April
Starry Skies – New Album News
Starry Skies – Forgotten Dream – OUT NOW
Tickets: ‘Do It With Love’ Album Launch 21st Nov
Starry Skies ‘Do It With Love’ OUT NOW
Jim McAteer – In Love With Every Atom
Starry Skies – New Single OUT NOW
Starry Skies – Here Comes the Moon
Starry Skies – Now Comes Autumn